Why choose PNO

PNO is the leading trailer rental and leasing company in the Nordics. This is not by chance. It is a result of early mornings, late nights, high ambition and hard work. When renting a trailer of PNO, you will always get:

Large, wide and new collection
At PNO we only work with suppliers that we know produce quality trailers. A trailer is sold after a majority of 54 months of use. As a result of this we are constantly replacing older models with new ones and maintain a young fleet of trailers. A young trailer requires less maintenance and is more secure than an old one. Consequently, we offer the newest technology and innovations. We have a wide range of trailers and we are focused on always to meet customer needs and build according to their liking.

Counseling with flexibility
PNOs knowledgeable and service-oriented employees’ primary mission is to always deliver and go the extra mile for our customers. We work in an industry where we know that punctuality and adaptability are key. Our knowledge is wide and deep, therefore we are able to provide our customers with solutions in all their inquiries, no matter if it’s about developing new product solutions that best suit their business model or to provide customers with trailer units to satisfy their needs that may arise in a very short notice.

Experience and know-how
Stating our long experience from the industry, we deliver the best counseling regarding your trailer. We can handle all trailer brands and we are specialists in several areas. Knowledge and experience will take you far, it also results in fast and flexible service.

Full service
PNO provides all the services a client may need for the duration of the lease of a trailer. We are “behind you all the way”. In our PNO workshops, we cover all customer needs.
Around the clock, our 24|7 Technical Service is there for the support of our customers. This support guides our clients, while undergoing a breakdown, to the nearest workshop where the break down problems is dealt with. We know your time is precious, therefore we act.

Personal service
Nothing can be valued better than good relationships. We always want to get to know our customers, the better we know them, the better we understand their needs. The best supplier knows their customer better than the customer knows himself. Then you have succeeded. By means of always providing personal service throughout the company, we strengthen the connection and learn from each other.