Curtainside trailer

PNO always offers a standard solution on a trailer. In addition, we customize the trailer to customer needs. We develop entirely new products that require great innovation and new technology when needed. The choice of equipment can be a decisive competitive advantage.

Curtainside trailers are the most common choice in the operation of industrial goods, and can be characterized by:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Value for money
  • High degree of equipment as standard
  • Curtainside Standard

    Transportation of volume load when driving in Europe.

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  • Curtainside HP

    Optimal trailer for intermodal traffic.

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  • Curtainside Mega

    Get the extra high load within Europe, 3000 mm high.

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  • Curtainside Norway

    When driving in winter conditions with heavy load and with 3-axle tractor.

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  • Curtainside Coil

    Safe transport of rolls such as steel and paper.

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  • Curtainside City

    Easy transport in urban environments.

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  • Curtainside Libner

    Multifunction trailer that are able to transport containers, wide loads and conventional cargo.

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