PNO sells both new and used trailers. We have a large fleet with a wide range of different trailer models. A PNO trailer stays approximately 54 months in the rental fleet before it’s sold on the used market. The generally young trailer is in very good shape when it comes to its new owner.

In new sales, we have economies of scale and can offer quality products at good prices. We go way back with our suppliers and have over the years developed a close collaboration that has resulted in efficiency and innovation with a consistently high set of standard.

PNO always offers a standard solution on a trailer. In addition, we customize the trailer to customer needs if desired, both with options like a stripped-down version. We also develop entirely new solutions that require great innovation and new technology. The choice of equipment can be a decisive competitive advantage.Our suppliers are at the forefront of the industry in this area, ensuring that our products are leading the way into the future.