Technical Services

We offer our customers full-service. With PNO, we are behind you all the way, from start of contract to end of contract. Our service is focused on enhancing the customer’s business.
Our customer support is quick and easy. When calling us, you always speak directly with an actual person with technical skills. We are available 24 hours a day.

PNO has a full-service offering where we have gathered everything you need under one roof in order to optimize and simplify for the lessee, both financially and time wise. Instead of changing tires at one supplier, inspect at another supplier and finally wash at a third supplier you’ll find everything required at PNO. PNOs workshop in Sippo (Helsinki) is available for the customers during the rental period for service, maintenance, and damage handling. Our Technical Service support is open all hours.

A lease with PNO includes:

  • Service 2 times / year

  • Inspection 1 time / year

  • Repair the wear

We provide service on all rigs to well-selected workshops in Europe for service and maintenance.
One dos not need to be an existing customer of PNO in order to take advantage of our full service. We welcome external customers to contact us for maintenance, repairs and our 24|7 Technical Service support.