24/7 Technical Services

PNO strives to always be on hand to help and assist our customers. Therefore we have a “24|7 Technical Service support”. Our most important tasks is to receive and deal with all incoming calls and emails that are related to breakdowns. Our job is to treat all incoming calls from our customers. We work  quickly to create the best solution to the customer’s breakdown related problems and to quickly and effectively return to the customer with an action plan in order for the trailer to continue towards its target.

We answer all breakdown-related e-mails within 10 minutes and re-connect the call within the same timeframe. We have a wide geographical network that is built up over decades in order to have control over situations like this, no matter where they happen in the world.

Call our 24|7 Technical Service
Hours 08-16: 00358 9 343 44 80
Hours 16-08: +46 42-499 15 68 or send an email to breakdown@pno.se